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Denmark, South Carolina

Denmark, South Carolina Factbook
Population: 3,345

Longitude: -81.14; Latitude: 33.32
Land Area: 3.05 square miles
Population Density: 1096.72 per square mile
Per Capita Income (1999): $11,243
Typical Home Value: $51,000
Median Household Income: $17,578
Typical Rent (Monthly): $192.00
Median Year Homes Built: 1972
Urban Population: 94.59%
Rural Population: 5.41% (0% Farm)
African or African-American*:
Indigenous (North America)*:
Hispanic: 0.57%


*Not Hispanic
Education (among those over 25)
High-school Diploma, no college: 20.72%
College Degree, no graduate school: 10.77%
Professional Degree: 0.00%
Doctoral Degree: 0.00%

Statistics from or adapted from the U.S. Census 2000.

Denmark, South Carolina Resources: Here's What's Here (Note: some information may no longer be current.)

Places of Worship
Butler Street Church of God
Capernaum Church
Denmark Presbyterian Church
First Baptist Church
Franklin United Methodist Church
Ghents Branch Church
Honeyford Church
Hutto Church
Mount Zion Church
Rome Baptist Church
Saint Phillips Episcopal Church
Salem Church
Springfield Church
Landmarks and Facilities
Capernaum Cemetery
Crestwood Country Club
Denmark City Hall
Denmark Post Office
Denmark Shopping Center
Hightower Pond
Hightowers Mill (historical)
Honeyford Cemetery

Schools and Colleges
Denmark Technical College
Denmark-Olar Elementary School
Denmark-Olar High School
Denmark-Olar Junior High School
Mount Zion School (historical)
Opossum College (historical)
Salem School (historical)
Salem School (historical)
Voorhees College

Natural Features
Duck Pond
Flat Pond
Ghents Branch
Halfmoon Branch
Little Wolf Bay
Long Gall Branch
Wolf Bay

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