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Lumber City, Georgia

Lumber City, Georgia Factbook
Population: 1,248

Longitude: -82.68; Latitude: 31.93
Land Area: 1.95 square miles
Population Density: 640 per square mile
Per Capita Income (1999): $12,271
Typical Home Value: $43,600
Median Household Income: $18,555
Typical Rent (Monthly): $158.00
Median Year Homes Built: 1974
Urban Population: 0%
Rural Population: 100% (0% Farm)
African or African-American*:
Indigenous (North America)*:
Hispanic: 0.96%


*Not Hispanic
Education (among those over 25)
High-school Diploma, no college: 39.58%
College Degree, no graduate school: 1.87%
Professional Degree: 0.32%
Doctoral Degree: 0.29%

Statistics from or adapted from the U.S. Census 2000.

Lumber City, Georgia Resources: Here's What's Here (Note: some information may no longer be current.)

Places of Worship
Saint Paul Church
Landmarks and Facilities
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Cook Lake
Cook Lake North
Hard Bargain Landing
Hazlehurst Airport
Lumber City City Hall
Lumber City Ferry (historical)
Lumber City Landing
Lumber City Oxidation Pond
McArthur Cemetery
Murdock McRaes Landing
Powell Lake
Riverside Cemetery
Skippers Landing
Walkers Camp
Wooten Cemetery

Schools and Colleges
Ocmulgee Academy

Natural Features
Currie Creek
Fishing Creek
Little Ocmulgee River
Newton Creek
Sugar Creek
Tillman Mill Creek

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